To simplify your life, you must first remember that less is more. Sometimes we think of that phrase when decorating our homes or when planning a special event. But it also applies when looking for ways to simplify life, take things a little slower or just make things a bit easier. Webster defines the word simplify as follows: “to make simpler or more basic by removing details, ornamentation or complex parts”. This means that in order to simplify your life, you must remove unnecessary details and complex parts. We’ve thought up 11 really easy ways to simplify your life.

As you look around your home and reflect upon your life, you’ll be amazed at all of the ways to simplify your life by removing the excess and getting by with less. Try one or two of these a day and you’ll be surprised at how much less stressed you feel.

1. Get off of mailing lists and cut down on magazine subscriptions.

2. Use automatic Bill Pay to save time on paying bills as well as ensure your bills are paid on time.

3. Stop shopping and start donating. Having less stuff around your home is a great way to bring order and simplicity.

4. Reduce debt - Get rid of all your credit cards except one.

5. Cut back on how much television you watch.

6. Use up what’s in your kitchen pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

7. Use the “1 in 2 out” rule for your closets. For every new item you purchase, you must donate two. This can be applied to clothing, shoes and accessories.

8. Limit your storage space. The less stuff you have the less you’ll have to take care of, organize, and look at.

9. Disconnect electronically for short periods of time. I.e. Television, computer, IM, cell phone, Blackberry, e-mail and even your land line phone. Enjoy the peace, quiet and free time.

10. Clean out your attic, basement or garage. You’ll find things you forgot you had or that you no longer use. If it’s garbage, then toss it. If it’s still useful, then try venues such as Craig’s List, e-Bay, or a local charity.

11. Take a good look at what’s on your Commitment Plate. If you’re part of a group that no longer contributes to you having fun or things important to you, then quit.

These ways to simplify your life are just the start. Think about other things that serve as distractions from things you enjoy doing. Then ask yourself if you can find a way to get rid of that distraction.

As you learn to simplify your life, you’ll be freeing up space, time, energy and emotions. What a great way to reduce stress and invite more peace into your life!

Article by Audrey Thomas, Smead