Getting sick is the last thing you want to happen when you have a busy work schedule. Most of the time we feel like we can’t take the extra time off work to recuperate and this isn’t good for anyone. Coming to work sick not only doesn’t give your body enough time to rest and heal itself, it also allows the potential spread of illness onto coworkers. To help avoid coming down with a bug try these simple tips.

  1. Drink plenty of water- Eight to ten glasses every day will keep you hydrated and your system flushed and healthy.
  2. Stay fit- Take a walk on your lunch break or try to sneak in some sort of movement to get you out of the office and staying healthy.
  3. Eat a healthy lunch- Fueling your body with a balanced diet will keep you energized throughout the day and you immune system strong.
  4. Keep disinfectant handy. Germs can live on things such as your keyboard, computer mouse and telephone. Keep them clean to ward off unwanted bugs.

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