Last week we covered how to stay safe during these chilly winter months, now lets focus on more fun things to do in the winter!


  1. Skiing or Snowboarding. This can easily become a pricey activity but there are many places that rent gear and keep the costs low. Starting an activity like this with the kids early can lead into a future hobby for them!
  2. Sledding. Sledding is much more backyard friendly! Don’t have sleds? You can use things like trashcan lids instead! Just make sure to clean them off first.
  3. Even more yard friendly? Build a snowman or have a snowball fight!
  4. Ice-skating. Whether you want to take your honey for a romantic date or the kids for a fun day out of the house, on the ice is the way to do it!
  5. Build a bonfire and cozy up around it with your family. Bonus! Time to bring out the s’mores!


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