Traveling for the Holidays? Check out these tips to stay safe and sane during the year’s biggest season!

  1. Leave early. This applies both to the days leading up to a major holiday as well as for the airport. The closer you get to say “Thanksgiving”, the busier the airport will be so try to give yourself a couple days ahead if possible to beat the rush. If that’s simply not possible, at least give yourself an extra hour or so than you normally would because lines will be long!
  2. Keep important items like passports and wallets on your person and hidden away. It’s easy for thieves to grab something unnoticed out of your back pocket are open purse in a crowded area so always have them tucked away out of sight.
  3. Pack light. The more you bring the more you have to keep and eye on so keeping things light and easy to maneuver will be less stress for you.
  4. Mark your luggage with a distinct and noticeable tag to avoid a mix up at baggage claim. Even if not done on purpose, the commotion of so many travelers can lead to people accidently grabbing the wrong bag to try to get out of the airport quicker.
  5. Stay calm and collected. Everyone has somewhere they’re trying to get to. If something goes wrong, remember to keep your cool to find a solution faster and avoid holding up others behind you.