The holidays are upon us! That means the relatives are coming to visit, festivities are in order, and for some of us, added stress for the weeks ahead. Below are some tips on how to manage that extra pressure and come out of the holiday season on top.

  1. Don’t stress the small stuff. If you have family visiting, you may be tempted to make sure everything is perfect. But that just means when something doesn’t go as planned, you may be more bummed than necessary. Focus on the big picture and don’t worry so much about the little things only you are probably noticing any way.
  2. Remember to get enough sleep. The holidays can be overwhelming so you have to remember to get enough Zzzz to fuel yourself during the day. Sleep deprivation only leads to more stress, tensions and even possibly depression. Avoid all of this by hitting the sack at a reasonable hour.
  3. Divide tasks like Thanksgiving dinner and decorating among the whole group. Many hosts can be tempted to do everything themselves to allow their guests to sit back and relax. But doing this can mean too much responsibility on one person and they can become overwhelmed. Instead, make quality time out of making dinner or decorating the tree, that way everyone is involved, bonding and maybe even having some fun in the process.
  4. Relax and enjoy yourself! The holidays are all about being with family and being grateful. Focus on family and you can’t go wrong!