Most successful business owners will not admit this secret. However, I will let you in on it. The secret is, there is no such thing as a "solo" entrepreneur. Nobody who has ever ascended in a start-up did it alone. According to a survey conducted by Neil Patel, it was evaluated that a poor team is within the top 3 reasons why start-ups fail. It is important that you select the right team. In this post, I will give you some advice from my experience in team building.

1) Start with Yourself

Although I risk sounding cliché, this is true. Self-awareness is the building block of team building. First, you must determine your skillset. You must ask yourself:

What are you good at?

What areas do you need improvements in?

Soft qualities are in play as well.

According to Neil Patel, 78 percent of employers said that soft skills are as important as hard skills. Soft skills are your values, personality, and beliefs. After you have a better understanding of what you bring to the table, you can start thinking about your team.

2) Hire People of Action Who Get the Job Done

No successful business model has ever ascended based on an idea. What makes an Idea legitimate is the execution process. You want to look for people who are capable of accomplishing things instead of just mouthing off ideas. In addition, you want to look for people who are mentally tough because start-ups take a large amount of work in order to bring it to life. According to Neil Patel, there has been a sharp decline in start-ups over the years. Start-ups went from 600,000 to a little over 100,000 new ones every year.

3) Build a Team That Understands the Importance of Good Customer Service

Customer service should not be the main priority in your business. However, every team member should possess the ability to do right by the customer. It is easy to get tangled up in the bottom line. Revenue makes a huge difference, but if you build a team that places the customer's wishes front and center, you will have no issue meeting your revenue goals.

The verdict is outlined for you. The right people can set your start-up for incredible success.

Article by Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr, EzineArticles