Inspiration is Everywhere

Are you feeling like you’re in a creativity funk? Is the world lacking inspiration and you need some help finding that spark again? It’s important not to let your life be consumed by the mundane; we also need innovation and imagination to thrive and grow. Below are a few suggestions for jumpstarting that old light bulb in your noggin.


  1. Get out in the world! Inspiration is all around us from the people we meet to the sounds we hear walking down the street. Take a minute to take in what’s really around you.
  2. Appreciate nature. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, nature has always proven to be a great kick-starter because of all the natural wonders of the world. Take advantage!
  3. Meditate. Meditation teaches you to live in the now, to appreciate your world and surroundings and it can be a great time to get inspired.
  4. Try something new. Always wanted to learn to cook? Or paint. Or play hockey. Whatever! Trying something new can evoke new feelings and emotions that can lead to inspiration!
  5. Develop your passions. You may already know you love something but you’ve let it slip through the cracks as time passed by. Make a commitment to include it in your life and stick to it. You already know you love it, why not feed it to create happiness and inspire the rest of your life as well!


These are simply a few recommendations to ignite the fire within. Life is meant to be challenging, fun and exciting! Remember, without the spark, your routine can become pretty lackluster. Loosen up and fuel your interests, you might be surprised how great it can be!