Mornings can be crazy or calm. It’s takes planning and organization to get the day started with positive energy and everyone heading out with their lunches, books, and after school activity bags (or staying in due to COVID-19). Families are going in many different directions as they start out the day and everyone will start the day best with an organized approach. Here are some tips for morning routines that will calm the family chaos.

Do as much as you can the night before

I share this news a lot!  Do as much as you can to prepare the night before. That means setting up a station for lunch making and lunch boxes. Backpacks should be filled, and homework placed inside. All devices can be charging in a common charging station overnight.  While this may be difficult after a busy and long day, it has a huge payoff.

Get to bed early

It’s tempting to complete unfinished projects or have “me” time at the end of the day.  Adults need a bedtime too.  Late bedtimes mean less sleep.  The best night’s rest starts with getting ready for bed early and an early bedtime. Be sure to get a full 7 or 8 hours of sleep for your energy and brainpower.

Start early

Busy parents benefit from getting an early start to the day. Get up 30 – 60 minutes earlier than your family.  That early start is positive for you.  You have undistracted time to focus on yourself. You can devote time to exercise, devotionals, or your gratitude journal.  It gives you time for yourself and gets you ready for the day both physically and mentally.  You can be dressed and ready and then ready to work with your family.

Family hugs

Spend the last few minutes of your time together finalizing all the details of the day and giving encouragement to your family.  Spend 5 minutes sharing how it’s going to be an amazing day, saying how grateful you are for each kiddos’ strengths and skills, and giving a big hug.  

Start your new routine today

It’s a blessing to you and your family as you start the day with positive energy, a calm spirit, and a well-organized family. You may not be a morning person yourself and these tips can be the beginning of new routines for you.   Start with one of these suggestions to make the morning the best for you and your family. 

Ellen Delap, Smead