3 Efficient Ways to Recruit All-Star Talent

We want the best of the best. It's a trait natural to us humans stemming from early childhood. Whether it's being the best in class, the best in show or the best at work, top talent and top talent seekers alike share this need for coming out Number 1.

After all, it's in our DNA to strive to find the gold standard for the companies we work for, sometimes however, talent can be hard to find.

Check out our 3 tips on the most efficient ways to recruit all-star talent and never miss out on that gold standard candidate again.

1. Flush Out the Flakes

- Beginning with the non-negotiables immediately thins the herd by differentiating prospects that fit the requirements of a position with those who do not. However, after the initial cut, revisit each candidate and focus on the length of work experience (i.e. how long they stayed with each company) and any promotions or title changes within a company. These two factors will help flush out the candidates that potentially hop from job to job frequently and those who possibly don't excel enough within a position.

2. Set Yourself Apart 

- An all-star candidate usually doesn't just have one option in front of them. They've been contacted by other companies and have the luxury of choosing the best position for them and their needs. Highlighting why your opportunity is better than the competition is obviously key, but don't just focus on the apparent reasons like better pay or a promoted job title. In order to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack you need to dig deeper and focus on other potential positives. Below is a brief list of examples to keep in mind but there are dozens more to consider:

  • Shorter Commute
  • Remote-Work Opportunity
  • Paid Vacation Time
  • On-Site Daycare
  • Extended Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Positive Work Environment

3. Emphasis Opportunity & Growth

- A candidate with well-defined goals and a solid career path should automatically signal "all-star". A clear and concise plan of action shows both ambition and drive as well as someone who is serious about their career and their future. Catching the attention of a candidate like this comes down to an extremely important element, matching their career path with a compatible path within your organization.

All-Star job seekers are everywhere! Just know, finding and securing the best of the best, means you need to be the best of the best. Happy Hunting!

Article by Nikki Casey