5 Tips For Becoming A More Confident Public Speaker

5 Tips For Becoming A More Confident Public Speaker

1. Face your Fears

In order to make the first step to becoming a more confident public speaker, you need to face your fears. Find what you are scared of, and analyze your fear.

2. Practice

Practice, practice and practice, will make you the best public speaker. There is no better way to become more confident than knowing everything about the subject matter you are covering in your speech.

3. Act Natural

Act naturally, and talk with them, don’t just focus on finishing your speech as fast as you can. Relax, take a deep breath and be yourself.

4. Make your Audience Laugh

If you start your speech with a joke, it will both lighten up the atmosphere and relax you. A joke will instantly boost your confidence, as you will feel more comfortable speaking. Moreover, the audience won’t be bored and will definitely pay attention.

5. Dress for Success

If you haven’t tried it, put on your favorite clothes and make a big entrance, flying out to the stage and feeling like you’ve just won an Oscar. If you fall, don’t worry, you can always pull of a cute Jennifer Lawrence look after you get up.

Full Article by Katarina Milovanovic, LifeHack