How many times have you strained to hear exactly what someone has said? Perhaps it was because the speaker was not loud enough; but more often, it's due to the speaker's inability to speak clearly. If you want to be a confident speaker then do not overlook the advantages of getting your pronunciation, clear and correct.

Here are three key advantages for doing so:

#1. Correct Pronunciation is essential to show that you are familiar with someone's name, or regional location, or unique terminology. Always check first if you have the slightest doubt about how a word is pronounced before you deliver a presentation, speak on a podcast, radio, video or television, or interview someone.

For example, the other day while listening to a national radio show from Toronto, Ontario, the broadcaster mispronounced the name of a nearby rural town, Elmira, several times as her lead-in to an upcoming interview. It wasn't until the actual interview took place that she finally corrected her pronunciation; thankfully, to everyone's relief of amusement at this error.

Incorrect pronunciation can have a major effect to your listeners especially, if you are giving road or traffic reports and mispronounce the names of streets. Even saying "Road" instead of "Avenue" can create confusion and lead listeners to the wrong area.

These mistakes can backfire on you as a professional speaker. However, if you have good pronunciation skills, you will not be laughed at; but rather, be admired.

#2. Clear Enunciation with the beginnings and ends of your words crisply uttered assures that your audience understands your message better. Warming up your speech muscles with a few exercises will keep your articulators (lips, teeth, tongue, mouth, palate, jaw) in top form.

Use diaphragmatic breathing to project your voice louder. Also, open your mouth wider to avoid mumbling as your partner to speaking clearly. Your listeners become more attentive to the content of your speech because of the accuracy of your words.

#3. Improved Confidence is the outcome of having good articulation skills. Your pace of deliver will improve. Your audience will give you positive feedback to boost your self-confidence. Isn't that what we all want?

Record yourself to determine if you are speaking clearly. If not, now is the time for you to focus on improving your speech clarity to attract your listeners.

Article by Brenda C. Smith, EzineArticles