Creating printable to-do lists for organizing can help us think out loud about the things that we need to accomplish.

The problem is that many of us never get around to actually creating our printable to-do lists and starting the organizing process.

Printable to-do lists for organizing help you to achieve organization and productivity in the same process.

To-do lists serve the purpose of reminding us of things that need attention.

Without a to-do list, you’ll no doubt add clutter by grabbing other pieces of paper or sticky notes to jot things down as you think of them.

Which brings more pleasure? A day off of work with absolutely nothing scheduled on your calendar or the end of a busy day in which you checked off countless items on your to-do List?

In using printable To-Do lists, keep the following in mind:

Don’t go overboard. If you’re making a list of things you want to accomplish on a given day, be reasonable in what you’re expecting to get done.

On your printable to-do list create categories such as errands, groceries to buy, cleaning, etc.

Allow for a blank space at the bottom of your list to add notes and other information as they come to mind. This will help in staying focused on your tasks.

Prioritize your items on your printable to-do list. Use the A-B-C method. “A” items are high priority and need to be finished before going on to the "B"’s. Anything assigned a "C" represents something that isn’t urgent or timely and can be finished at a later date.

Print out several copies and place them in high-traffic areas such as your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, with your cell phone or purse, back door, or even your car. The more you see your list, the more you’re reminded of the tasks that need your attention.

Adopt the mantra of “Focus and Finish”. You’ll have greater results if you’re able to avoid getting sidetracked and will feel good about checking things off.

Reward yourself. Having something you can look forward to will put the “fun” into your hard work.

Now that you have the tools you need to create printable to-do lists for organizing the sky is the limit as to how much you can get done. Happy Organizing!

Article by Audrey Thomas, Smead